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ThanksLiving 2013: A Celebration of Life and Gratitude




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With the sun tickling the golden and orange Catskill Mountains, over 300 people enjoyed the fine, all-vegan food of our 8th annual ThanksLiving banquet — where our rescued turkeys were the guests of honor (and not the main course!) 

Good Egg Recipient - Chef David Silver

Good Egg Recipient Chef David Silver, who may have trouble getting through airport security with it!

After an hour of mingling and passed appetizers, the dinner started with Chef David Silver‘s mouthwatering Butternut Squash Chowder with Roasted Corn.  Next came the main entree (adapted from blogger Nathan Kozuskanich‘s recipe): Cider Glazed Tofu with Sourdough Spinach Stuffing, Chickpea Polenta, and Cranberry Chutney, which was accompanied by a Roasted Beet Salad with Orange-Coriander Vinaigrette, and Creamed Kale!


Joshua Katcher of The Discerning Brute MC’d the event, and Blues Hall of Fame legend Papa John Mole, along with Sam MorrisonMike Purcell, and Tony DiCicco, filled the tent with amazing jazz.  Folks perused the silent auction and strolled the grounds to visit our friendly farm animals.  And of course the rescued turkeys were fed a gourmet meal of stuffed squash and pumpkin pie before the humans got to eat!


Vegan Treats’ desserts

Conceived as a reaction to lackluster potlucks in fluorescent-lit community centers, ThanksLiving has always been about showing that you can create a compassionate, super-delicious vegan meal, serve it elegantly, and use that as a tool to show people how the lifestyle is not one of deprivation but of opening up a whole world.

The event is held more than a month before the traditional Thanksgiving holiday to take full advantage of the gorgeous leaves and warmer weather, and to give attendees ideas to take back to family and friends for their own meatless celebration.

This year the tickets sold out in just 3 days, but the attendees were not  necessarily lifelong vegans.  Some had just heard about the event, or were “dragged along” by friends or family. However, after meeting the rescued residents and hearing about our message of compassion towards all animals, few, if any, left unaffected.  The delectable meal prepared by our dear friend and chef David Silver and the insane desserts from Vegan Treats certainly made an impact.  Davidwas also a recipient of our annual Good Egg Award, along with tireless auction coordinator Loren Brown and long-time volunteer extraordinaire Jean Rhode.

TL2013-seephotos“46 million Turkeys will be slaughtered in the US alone for Thanksgiving,” said WFAS director Jenny Brown. “With entities as varied as the United Nations, Bill Clinton and Alicia Silverstone all advocating a vegetable-based diet, the time is right to continue moving veganism into the main stream–for the animals, our health and the planet.”

About $38,000 was raised from ticket sales and during the event.  These essential funds help the sanctuary get through the long Catskills winter, when hay and other costs skyrocket.

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