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Kayli is a Music Video Star

Author: Doug Abel | Thursday, August 23, 2012 | No comments

Our friend Ed Barocas was so inspired by his visit to the Sanctuary, which inspired him to become vegan, and the story of Kayli the cow’s amazing escape from a Philadelphia-area slaughterhouse, that he commissioned an animator to create visuals and  worked with his collaborator Kevin Ray Clark to create a catchy song.

See it yourself here:

[youtube width=500px]Tl5zHzV7cQM[/youtube]

Ed wrote to us, “Kayli is a spunky, fun-loving and inspiring cow that I thought deserved a spunky, fun-loving, and inspiring song and music video. And while animal-rights is a serious issue, one way to best bring it to the consciousness of the general public is through use of music or humor.”

Thanks Ed!


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