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Livestock Gift Charities Do Not Help Poor Nations

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Penny wise, pound foolish?

As the holiday season ramps up and the year comes to a close, many of us are besieged with pamphlets and emails from organizations that provide farm animals to people in impoverished areas, the idea being to bring “income and nutrition” to these communities. Many well-intentioned people are enticed by the celebrity endorsements and pictures of happy farm animals with big red bows around their necks.

Aside from issues involving the treatment of the animals, what’s not explained is that the water and land needs of livestock in areas that are often short on both quickly outweigh the benefits — instead it increases human dependence on an unsustainable food-system that depletes the environment and does not fulfill all of a community’s real nutritional or long-term survival needs.

Those who keep up with the issues of global climate change (see our environmental impact page) know that the widespread consumption of animals causes an increase of poverty and malnutrition and harms our fragile earth.

In a world with an exploding population and increased hunger, we believe it is foolish not to be working towards helping impoverished people in more sustainable, peaceful and compassionate ways.

The good news is, you can help the impoverished and promote vegan food choices at the same time through alternative charities like VegFam, Food for Life Global, Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and more (see below).

And of course by supporting WFAS, you can know that you are helping us continue in our mission to raise awareness about these important issues, as well as helping us directly care for so many rescued animal friends!

“World hunger for food and land and the desire for better health can be met only by widespread adoption of a vegetarian, preferably vegan, diet and vegan-organic food production.” -HIPPO

We all have an opportunity this holiday season — and throughout the year — to inform others about giving to compassionate charities that don’t engage in harming and killing other animals.  What a wonderful gift for all life that shares this earth!

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Charities that work to end global hunger without the use of animal agriculture:


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Plenty International


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