Inner World of Farm Animals
Swine Flu Lessons
Lazy Dogs

MAY 17
Join us at the Veggie Pride Parade


Spring Benefit Dinner for the NY Vegetarian Expo, Albany.  WFAS director Jenny Brown will speak

Fun at the Farm
JUNE 13 (Rain: 14)
JUNE JAMBOREE at the farm

Celebrity cookbook chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz of Post Punk Kitchen servin' up food, Organic Nectars servin' up delish raw ice "cream," music, entertainment, kid's activities and all-around good times!

JUNE 26-29

WFAS Co-Founder and Director Jenny Brown speaks at the Let Live Conference in Portland, OR

Ewe Matter
What would be the impact if everyone in the U.S. went vegetarian for just one day? This Huffington Post article does the math, and it's amazing!

Double Your Donation DOllars
For a limited time only you can double your donation and help more animals like sweet little 3-legged Felix.

This matching fund drive means that from now through May your donation will be MATCHED by an incredibly generous donor up to $50,000.  Please, if you haven't given already, think of farm animals--the most abused and exploited animals in the world, and the difference we are making for them. Please, DONATE NOW.

We can do it! We can raise up to $100K, vital funds to continue our important role as a voice for the voiceless. $20, $50, $100... whatever you can afford.  Thank you!!!

Inner World of Farm Animals Book Cover
Inside Job
The Inner World of Farm Animals: Their Amazing Social, Emotional and Intellectual Capacities by Amy Hatkoff; introduction by Jane Goodall

In researching her fabulous new book, Amy Hatkoff made our sanctuary her very first stop -- and director Jenny Brown's interviews are peppered throughout!  Amy tells remarkable stories about the intelligence and emotionality of farm animals, both here and at other sanctuaries around the country. We're especially proud of WFAS volunteer Bob Esposito's exquisite photographs, reproduced large and in full glory.

You can find the book on Abrams Books or Amazon, or at our gift store when you visit.
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Swine Flu Linked to Factory Farming
In the human race's quest to outsmart Mother Nature, guess who always wins? Aside from the blatant cruelties, intensive confinement systems used to raise chickens, pigs and other animals have long been a suspected breeding ground for all sorts of little-understood viruses.  This must-read article by the inimitable Dr. Michael Gregor traces our current pandemic through the last decade.

Are you at risk visiting our pigs? Don't be silly!
Our pigs don't do any traveling beyond state lines and so you are perfectly safe to visit them.
Cookie Monsters
The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. bakes, ships and packages their natural human-grade dog treats from their facility in Upstate New York. They are a small wholesale based company committed to personal service. Their entire product line is baked fresh daily and is wheat-, corn- and soy-free!

The wonderful couple at the helm of this fabulous bakery are launching a new retail website that will focus on giving back to animal organizations.  Each month they will donate a large portion of their profits back to a selected organization--and we are honored to be chosen as their first recipients! So buy your pooches a treat they will love and help WFAS care for farm animals in need at the same time. Thanks Lazy Dog!