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Cruel Rodeos in California

Woodstock Sanctuary LogoWe were recently alerted by our friends at In Defense of Animals of a rodeo in California this weekend which features "goat tying" competitions for kids.  They take a terrified young animal with fragile legs, tie her to a rope, gallop up on a horse, and knock her down to hog-tie her legs together.  The same activity done with a dog of similar size could land you with a felony cruelty charge in most states.

Our own Albie, pictured above, was not a rodeo victim but is all too familiar with the injuries caused by having all his legs tied tightly together.  When he arrived at our sanctuary in the fall of 2007 his leg was damaged so badly it eventually had to be amputated.

See goat tying imagesA quick email, fax or phone call can make a huge difference for dozens of innocent animals and send a message that barbaric rodeos should be discontinued. Please visit IDA's alert page for all the info.

Another excellent resource about goat tying and  many other cruel rodeo practices is the website of SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness).