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Duck Pond

WFAS is planning to expand our farm animal rescue and shelter mission to include ducks, who are factory farmed and killed for one of the most egregiously inhumane products on the market worldwide, foie gras. Ducks and geese used for this "delicacy" are kept indoors in pens and force-fed corn mush and oil via a tube shoved down their throats 2-3 times a day.

Donate NowWe get calls about ducks frequently -- they're dumped in city parks or abandoned after the novelty of a cute baby ducky at Easter has worn off. Our new duck habitat will include a 20x50 lined and filtered pond, heated shed, and predator-proof fencing. The cost of excavation, materials, labor and new water and electric lines is $30,000. Please help us take in more ducks in need by making a donation today to our Duck Habitat Capital Fund.       >>MEET OUR DUCKS

Grateful Turtle


Rescued and repaired, "Ciya" is a special guest at WFAS

Ciyalana or "Ciya" (pronounced See Ya!) is a 20 pound African Spurred Tortoise who was abandoned in a NYC park about 4 years ago.  He is estimated to be 11 years old, with a life expectancy of 70-80 years!  Why is a non-farm animal here at WFAS? His permanent home, the Lower East Side Ecology Center in Manhattan, is undergoing major renovations over the next year, and we've agreed to provide a loving foster home for this little guy in the meantime.

cracked shell

Ciya is a survivor of an attack from kids who jumped a fence and threw a brick at him, cracking his shell. After a year and a lot of reconstructive surgery he's now doing fine. He loves checking out all the 2- and 4-legged animals at the farm and they are equally as curious about our new reptilian, super friendly, super cool, super fun-to-watch-eating pal (Click to Watch Video)!
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Woodstock Sanctuary Logo Woodstock Sanctuary Logo
Woodstock Sanctuary Logo
Oct 18: THANKSLIVING: TAKE NOTE!!! We're holding this annual sell-out event a month earlier! As we mentioned before, late November is just too darn cold for an outdoor event, even in a heated tent. You won't believe the fall colors here during Oct and you'll have more fun lovin' on the animals after the dinner because you'll be able to feel your hands! Tickets go on sale September 1st! PURCHASE EARLY - WE SELL OUT EVERY YEAR!

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Yim Yames aka Jim James
Woodstock Sanctuary Goes Global... Again! Woo hoo!

As we previously reported, rock star Jim James of the mega-famed rock band My Morning Jacket is donating proceeds from his new George Harrison tribute album to us! The day the album hit the stores the New York Times published a fantastic article about this unique collaboration.  The story was sent to the NY Times-owned International Herald Tribune and appeared all around the world.  >>READ IT HERE.

This is the second time the New York TImes has published an article on us.  The previous one featured Albie the goat and WFAS Co-Founder and Director Jenny Brown. >>READ THE 2008 ARTICLE HERE

The album is available as a limited edition collector's edition which includes a CD, a vinyl LP, and a WFAS t-shirt.  >>FULL DETAILS

We're offering a signed CD autographed by Jim on eBay. It starts at 1:30pm EST on 8/27.  Search for item #150368742345.

Billy the Kid

Billy the KidBilly was dumped at a high school as a prank. He's now safe at WFAS and is a perfect candidate to be adopted to a loving home.

We believe Billy is a Nigerian Dwarf type of goat, less than a year old, and will stay knee-high.

Billy's tinyIf you are interested in hearing more about Billy and potentially adopting him or other farm animals please visit our adoptions page! We have a number of young, small goats who are looking for homes. Please visit us and meet them in person. All adoptions are subject to a site inspection by a WFAS staff member.
Blessing of the Animals

Does your kid love animals?

Chicken HatHave them write a note, blessing or prayer in tribute to a special animal in their life for our popular Blessing of the Animals event on Sunday, October 4th. We open the sanctuary up to well-behaved dogs, cats and other companion animals. This year we are asking kids to send in their animal prayers and blessings in advance, deadline is Sept 15.  >more info
Cynthia KingA Righteous Baah-llet

Click for more picturesYoung members of the Brooklyn-based Cynthia King Dance Studio recently came to Woodstock Sanctuary to promote its line of vegan ballet slippers. A conscious consumer and a dedicated animal welfare advocate, founder Cynthia King did not want her students to wear the standard leather ballet slippers which come from the skins of slaughtered animals. She also opposes the environmental impacts of livestock-associated deforestation and industrial tannery pollution. A Brooklyn shoemaker was contacted and the affordable slippers are now available on the studio's website. Cool!