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Tickets went on sale for our Oct 18 ThanksLiving Banquet a week ago and we're nearly half sold out! Guest speakers this year are Nathan Runkle of MFA (see egg hatchery investigation on right), John Phillips of LOHV--two of the hardest working men in the animal protection biz! Excellent entertainment from comedian, cartoonist and board member Dan Piraro and beautiful folky indie-rock by the band "Ida" >Full info here.

Woodstock Sanctuary LogoAdvertise in the program. We've got advertising and sponsorship opportunities for this event. Please contact us if this interests you or your business.

Blessing of the Animals

This is the only day each year that we open the sanctuary up to well- behaved dogs, cats and other companion animals for a special celebration of all animals! Amazing overtone singing again this year by the group Prana & we are asking kids to send in their animal prayers and blessings in advance, deadline is Sept 15.  >more info
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WFAS is Perez Hilton's Worthwhile Cause!

When he's not quizzing Miss California on gay marriage or reporting on the juiciest of the juiciest celeb gossip, Perez Hilton chooses a worthwhile cause to showcase on his mega-popular blog.  Imagine our surprise when, out of the blue, he gave Woodstock Sanctuary a shout-out.  >See his blog entry
Publicist Needed
It's great that we can hardly keep up with our media coverage... but sad that we could be doing a lot more with it! If you are an animal-loving, WFAS-supporting publicist--can we talk? Contact us.
Egg ExposÚ

Baby Chicks

A new undercover video by Mercy for Animals shows "business as usual" at an Iowa chicken hatchery.  These facilities are in the business of creating the hens who lay the nation's eggs, and the unwanted male chicks, too skinny to raise for meat, are "disposed of" by one of two techniques--suffocation or "maceration"-- as seen in this video. Over 30 million male chicks are killed each year at this facility alone -- and over 200 million annually in the US -- so the public can enjoy cheap (heavily subsidized by our tax dollars) and plentiful eggs.

If you eat eggs, you owe it to yourself and the chickens to look under the hood at the practices that make the egg industry profitable. >Follow this link

Here's JohnyALL WORK

Remember Jack Nicholson in "The Shining?" Want to end up like him?

NO? Then get out from behind that computer and come fulfill your civic and karmic duty by volunteering in the fresh air of the farm! This weekend is just after the 9/11 Day of Service, where zillions of people make a point to do some volunteer or community work.  We've got tons of cleaning and fence installation, and critter-play time is built into the whole thing! Please do contact us in advance via email or at 845-679-5955 so we can coordinate all the activities. And... beware of Redrum! >Details

Time Magazine CoverGood Timing

Time Magazine last week published a cover story that hits upon many of the the issues that are near and dear to our heart.

An excerpt: As the developing world grows richer, hundreds of millions of people will want to shift to the same calorie-heavy, protein-rich diet that has made Americans so unhealthy - demand for meat and poultry worldwide is set to rise 25% by 2015 - but the earth can no longer deliver. Unless Americans radically rethink the way they grow and consume food, they face a future of eroded farmland, hollowed-out countryside, scarier germs, higher health costs - and bland taste. Sustainable food has an Úlitist reputation, but each of us depends on the soil, animals and plants - and as every farmer knows, if you don't take care of your land, it can't take care of you. >Read the whole article
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