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ThanksLiving 4.0: Another Huge Success!

250 guests and 50+ volunteers enjoyed a gourmet vegan dinner in a heated tent in our goat pasture last month at this annual sold-out event.
Turket Treat
There was great food, great speakers, great entertainment and of course, great animals and the supporters who love them!
See photos from theSee Photos event by the fabulous photographer Derek Goodwin, and see the two-page spread article in the Woodstock Times by Andrea Barristern.
ThanksLiving Sponsorship Card
It's not too late to start your own ThanksLiving tradition! You can sponsor one of our rescued turkeys and receive a beautiful photo card for your friends or family as way to spread a message of compassion. We've got a special pre-Thanksgiving price, but you must order very soon to guarantee delivery by 11/25. >>more info
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Upcoming Events

Tracy BonhamNOV 20th:  The talented, grammy-nominated and WFAS lovin' Tracy Bonham in concert at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock. A portion of the proceeds go to benefit WFAS! >>info

THANKSGIVING DAY: WFAS Director Jenny Brown speaks at the Berkshire Vegetarian Network on Thanksgiving >>info
New Calendar
Ye Olde Sanctuary Shop

Animal Sponsorships and our fantabulous limited-edition soy-based ink 2010 Calendars make unique holiday gifts... and so do other cool gift items at the Sanctuary Shop.

Help Wanted
Farm Manager Wanted

We're seeking a motivated individual to join Team Woodstock.  People managing skills will be as important as animal managing skills!
Full information can be found here.

Vermont Veal Plant Shut Down

Plant Shut Down

Tragic Cruelty Behind Every Glass of Milk

There are very few laws that protect farm animals from cruelty, and even those are routinely ignored. A recent undercover video from the Humane Society of the U.S. shows a USDA inspector on site at the Bushway Packing slaughter plant blatantly failing to enforce federal humane treatment laws, and vicious abuse of days-old veal calves. Note: the video is not suitable for children.

See the HSUS videoAgainst veal but drink milk? Listen in: A dairy cow is forced to have a calf every year in order to keep her milk production as high as possible. The male calves, who are of no value to the dairy industry, are sent to slaughter or veal farms just days after birth. 

When you consume dairy, you are voting to keep places like Bushway Packing alive and well. >>learn more

Illegal Market Rescue Update

As you might recall from our last newsletter, in September WFAS opened our doors to 120 hens and roosters that were seized from an illegal slaughterhouse in the Bronx. We expected to eventually place many in loving homes and other sanctuaries in the region.  
THE BAD NEWS: We've since learned that many of these guys have Marek's disease. This disease is thankfully not contagious to humans or other animals, but Marek's is a contagious and incurable virus that paralyzes the wings and legs or causes tumors in various organs. Chickens with healthy immune systems can successfully battle it, but given the crowded conditions in the slaughterhouse from which they were rescued, dozens of these poor birds have succumbed to this disease and have died or had to be euthanized due to their suffering.
Please Make a Donation to our Emergency Rescue FundThe costs of our veterinary bills, medical supplies and drugs, feed and bedding have shot through the roof while our caring staff and volunteers work round the clock to care for these needy birds. Please help us cover these additional costs by donating to our Emergency Rescue Fund. Your support is vital to our mission to protect, care for and provide a voice for farm animals in need. If you haven't given lately and even if you have -- PLEASE DONATE NOW.
Donate Your Car
Liquidate Your Lemon

Please donate that auto, boat, yacht, truck or RV that's no longer needed to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary! We can arrange pickup anywhere in the USA. Receive maximum legal tax deductions and possibly a partial cash payment! >>more info
Volunteer Cheer

VolunteerWe're closed to the public for the season but volunteers are welcome year-round!

We have lots of work to do before the frozen tundra sets in -- building a new coop, installing fencing to divide pastures and of course daily barn and coop cleaning! Contact us if you're interested in volunteering, or call 845-679-5955.

Blog HogBlog Hog

When people come to visit the farm or experience one of our events, do they tell their friends and family about it?  Of course not -- it's 2009 so they BLOG about it!  We've compiled a page with lots of recent blog entries featuring WFAS and its animal charmers.
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