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Cool, Conscious & Compassionate:
Sponsor an Animal for Your Sweetheart!

You only have until this Friday, February 5th, to treat your loved one to a unique gift for Valentine's Day -- A gift sponsorship of a rescued farm animal at WFAS >>more info

Arbonne Bottoles
Another V-Day Gift Idea for Him or Her (AND Us!)

Arbonne Cosmetics & nutritional products are vegan-certified (no animal ingredients), never tested on animals and when you buy from Independent Consultant Loren Brown, 20% of the proceeds are donated to us!
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Upcoming Events
Feb 16th: WFAS Art Opening at JivamukTea Cafe in NYC:

Painter Jean Rhode and photographer Bob Esposito regularly use their artistic talents to support our work and we love them for it! Please join us from 7-9pm on Tues, Feb 16th at JivamukTea Cafe in NYC. 100% of the art sales go to benefit WFAS! Meet and mingle with the artists and WFAS Co-Founders Jenny Brown & Doug Abel. 841 Bway, 2nd Floor.

March 22: Komedy for Karma
(date subject to change)

Don't miss this annual sell-out night of comedy royalty to benefit WFAS! Line-up and ticket sales to be announced soon! 


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Shocking Expos´┐Ż at NY Dairy Farm

Willet Farm

A newly released Mercy For Animals investigation has pulled back the curtain on the largest dairy factory farm in New York state, Willet Dairy. The investigation, which broke last week on ABC's World News Tonight and Nightline, is exposing millions of Americans to the hidden cruelty common in the dairy industry. Note: video is not suitable for children.

See the MFA videoFar from leading the carefree lives portrayed in the dairy industry's "happy cow" commercials, the vast majority of cows used for dairy production today lead lives of deprivation, confinement, painful mutilations and cruel handling.

When you consume dairy, you are voting to keep places like Willet Dairy alive and well. >>learn more

Mickey & Jo - A Love Story

Woodstock Sanctuary LogoNamed after the founders of the famously vegetarian Chicago Diner, these two domestic Muscovy ducks were rescued from freezing waters by a caring NYC resident.

Initially spotted together but rescued at different times, Mickey & Jo were found distressed and in poor shape, with telltale signs of having escaped from some sort of livestock operation because the tips of their upper bills were cut off (to prevent pecking when crammed together in cages). They were malnourished and the female, Jo, had a severely broken wing.

After surgery, Jo was brought to WFAS for long term care. Mickey, who proved more elusive to the rescuer, was brought in later.

The reaction of the pair when reunited was truly heart-warming. They ran to each other, quacking gently & 'embraced' by wrapping their necks around each other, much to the awe of everyone at WFAS. Mickey & Jo are now recovering and are inseparable. Awwwww....

And when in Chicago, YOU MUST eat at THE AMAZING CHICAGO DINER! "Meat Free Since '83!"

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Important New York Legislation for Farmed Animals Needs Your Voice!

There is a new bill, A0813, in the New York State Assembly that would ban the most egregious forms of severe confinement in factory farms -- veal crates, gestation crates, and battery cages.  Florida, Arizona, Oregon, California, Maine and the European Union have banned some or all of these practices, and it's time for New York to step up!

If you're a resident of NY State, please contact your representatives and urge them to co-sponsor the bill and VOTE YES in support of it. Use the zip code search form to look up your representative's contact info.

>>Read more details about this important bill here.<<