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Cafe Blossom
TONIGHT: Wine & Dine While Supporting WFAS!

Dine at NYC's Cafe Blossom on Monday March 1st and a portion of your bill will be donated to WFAS! 

Starting tonight, March 1st, and for all first Mondays each month, Cafe Blossom (located on the Upper West Side of NYC) will donate a portion of your bill towards the care of the animals at WFAS.  So program those calendars to remind you when each first Monday comes around!  >>more info

This Saturday Night! Rock Out in NYC!
Supporter Lindsay Wolf, the creative force behind the popular Kiss Me, I'm Vegan blog, has taken it upon herself to put on a massive party to lift us all out of the winter doldrums. Benefiting both us and our home-slices, Farm Sanctuary, it will feature music, wine, hors d'oeuvres... all this for only 10 bucks!  This Saturday, March 6th, on the Upper East Side >>more info

MeatoutMeat Out
Join caring people in all 50 U.S. states and 30 other countries on or around March 20th to publicize the benefits of a plant-based diet. 

Visit www.Meatout.org for more information or to find an event happening in your area.

WFAS will be in attendance at the Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society's Meat Out event on Sat, March 13th at 5pm where our dear friend Gene Baur, Co-Founder and President of Farm Sanctuary will be speaking. More about this event here.
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Woodstock Sanctuary Logo Woodstock Sanctuary Logo Woodstock Sanctuary Logo

Buried Deep:
Snowstorms Kick Our Butts!

Holy White Stuff, Batman!

The worst winter ever at WFAS. We just experienced a series of snow storms that were the worst the Hudson Valley/Catskill Mountains has seen since the 90's. Almost 3 ft of snow fell on the sanctuary last week--knocking out our power and internet and making everything we do on the farm much more time-consuming and laborious. Snow plows, snow blowers, and lots and lots of shoveling have been our M.O. for the past week.

Ralphie in snowThe animals, sensibly, stay in their coops and barns during this kind of madness, keeping them warm, dry and happy --  but that means cleaning their living quarters more often and with a lot more difficulty. Please keep us in mind through these difficult times, not only due to the snow but also the drop in donations that we experience each year between the holidays and tax day.
DonatePlease don't forget about us and know that we need YOU to keep us going for the animals. The largest part of our budget comes from compassionate people like you who make our important work for farmed animals possible -- caring for the 200+ who currently call WFAS home, plus our outreach efforts to raise awareness about the suffering of farm animals in factory farms and abusive farming practices. We need you! Please consider making a donation now in support of our work and help us keep helping the most exploited and abused animals in the world -- farmed animals.

Arbonne Bottoles
Veg News Award Winner

We're so excited to announce that WFAS won Veg News Magazine's Project Promote contest! What's the prize? A whole year's worth of free advertising inside this esteemed magazine's colorful pages! That means greater visibility for WFAS and our mission! Yay for us -- and the farm animals whom we strive to be a voice for. THANK YOU VEG NEWS!
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