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New Website Launched

Almost a year in the making, it's a sight to behold, created by the wizards at the award-winning Free Range Graphics. Visit our new site here, & please let us know what you think! Please note - the new address is www.WoodstockSanctuary.org
but the old one will still take you there for now.

The new site

And get a chance to win a free WFAS t-shirt by participating in our monthly Photo Caption Contest.


Alfonso & Boone
Alfonso & Boone
2 Beloved Turkey Pals Turn 5 Years Old

Maybe that doesn't sound old to you but these two handsome fellas have beaten the odds for the lifespan of a commercial turkey. Typically killed for food at just 18 weeks of age, these two "toms" (males), have remained the best of friends since their rescue together in 2005.

Often these poor genetically-altered birds succumb to heart attacks and crippling leg problems -- their organs and bones can hardly support the freakishly enhanced weight. But with their special diet and fondness of following caretakers around -- great exercise! -- these turkey friends will hopefully have many more birthdays to come. Visit BOONE'S pageor ALFONSO'S pageto get up close and personal.
A Sweet Haven in New Haven!

  100+ people crammed into New Haven's Fuel Coffee last Friday for the All-You-Can-Eat Dessert Benefit. 
This Strawberry "Cheese" Cake was one of forty desserts served.

Over $2000 was raised in ticket sales, and guests got to enjoy such exotic delectables as Coconut Line Cupcakes and Chocolate Pumpkin Tarts -- all100% vegan. Many, many, many thanks to our good friends Lourdes Jovel & Anthony Acock for putting the whole thing together, and the other brave volunteer bakers -- Amber Plaut, Kim Osborne, and Katie Imes! Wow, it feels good to be loved, say our 200+ rescued animals!


WasherA wonderful supporter recently noticed a large pile of, ahem, poopy towels from our animal infirmary and our aging washer/dryer struggling to keep up. He asked if we were in the market for a new set, and a week later we had brand-new, mega-capacity, energy efficient models installed -- and the difference is night and day (or, poopy and sparkling clean)! 

You, too, can swoop in and instantly improve the lives of the animals, or the staff helping them. We're in immediate need of a serious lawn mower, a truck or van with towing capacity, a PC laptop, LCD computer screens, and more. >>VISIT OUR WISH LIST PAGE<<


The Best Alternative Fuel Can Be Found at the End of Your Fork

The decisions you make about the food you eat have a global impact -- literally.  Scientists have been quibbling lately about which economic sectors cause more climate change, but the simple fact is the global factory farming systems are profoundly polluting the air and water, and affecting human health and world hunger.  

Today, Friday 4/23, and Saturday 4/24 we'll have a table at the massive EarthFair in NYC at Grand Central Station -- come find us there, or if you live elsewhere please check out the Environment Section of our website.

Not Your Mother's Bake Sale

Last year's Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale was held in over 100 venues and benefited local causes around the globe. This year's NYC sale will benefit the Woodstock Sanctuary, and is being graciously hosted by our friends at MooShoes (the hippest cruelty-free shop in NYC!) 78 Orchard Street in NYC.  It will be a combination of a party, a dessert smackdown, shoe sale, SWAG-giveaway and -- after all that sugar -- who knows what else!!! PLUS - MooShoes will also be donating 10% of all in store and online sales to WFAS that day, making it a great time to shop!

Over 200 people have confirmed they're coming -- and it's FREE to attend. Co-Founder/Director Jenny Brown will be there so come join the fun! And a BIG THANK YOU to Lisa Coulson of Panda With Cookieand Isa Chandra Moskowitz of the Post Punk Kitchenfor putting this bake sale together! Sunday, April 25th, Noon - 5pm (or until the goods run out!)>>Details Here<<

Please Help Us
Help Farmed Animals

WFAS member Alicia Silverstone spent some quality time with Dhama the pig during her visit here. You don't need to be a member (or a celeb!) to visit the farm but it entitles you to free admission all season long and lots of discounts at regional restaurants & our online store.

Donate NowWFAS is a nationally supported grassroots organization that is changing hearts and minds daily to the plight of farmed animals, the most exploited and abused beings in the world-- BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS, we truly could not do this important work without you so please, make a donation today. It's not about us, the staff or the founders, it's about YOU and what you enable us to do for farmed animals! YOU are our heros! Your generous support makes our life-saving work possible!

So, dear friends, please consider signing up to be a monthly donor or sponsor a rescued animal for yourself or as a gift (what a GREAT Mother's Day gift!) -- or just a plain, simple, good old-fashioned donation RIGHT NOW. Together we can make a difference!!

Monday May 3:  NYC Blossom Cafe Night- Eat at Blossom Cafe this night and a percentage of your bill is donated to us. >>more info

nday May 16:  We march in the NYC Veggie Pride Parade- the streets of The Village will be transformed by a veggie-lovin', costume-wearing, fun-havin' mob of hundreds. More info here or sign up to march with the wacky group from Woodstock!

Sat/Sun June 12th & 13th:Mark your calendars, because our annual June Jamboree festival at the farm is not to be missed.

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