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Woodstock Sanctuary Address

Tuesday May 11:  Cocoa V Night- Eat at NYC's Cocoa V tonight and 15% of your bill is donated to us. >>more info

Thursday May 13th: Screening of "Fowl Play" in NYC: A documentary about the egg industry. WFAS's Director Jenny Brown participates in a panel discussion afterward. >>more info

nday May 16:  March with us in the NYC Veggie Pride Parade- the streets of The Village will be transformed by a veggie-lovin', costume-wearing mob of hundreds. >>more info here or sign up to march with the wacky group from Woodstock!

Sat/Sun June 12th & 13th: Mark your calendars, because our annual June Jamboree festival at the farm is not to be missed! Fab food, live music, giant puppets and more!

Ninety-five book cover

WFAS is prominently featured in this gorgeous new photo book about America's rescued farm animals. 
Help Wanted
Why work surrounded by cubicle walls when you could be surrounded by the Catskill Mountains? We're got an opening for a full-time Animal Caregiver position. Passionate animal advocates only need apply. 
Laurie & Betty
Latest Rescue...
and Adoption
Betty the hen, an unwanted chicken recently dumped at our sanctuary, has found a terrific home with local Woodstock resident and supporter Laurie Ylvisaker.  Laurie has adopted chickens from us before, but Betty is different.  Betty seems not to have properly learned to be a chicken and Laurie is doing her best to teach her Chicken 101 stuff like going into the coop at night and perching on her roost. See more animals for adoption here
sunriseHere Comes The Sun
We just got approved for a grant to install a solar electric system that will not only power the whole farm but provide surplus to power to our neighbor's homes as well.  More soon... 

Matching Grant Drive

The $50,000 Matching Fund Drive is On!

From now until the end of July, every donation made to WFAS will be doubled by an amazingly generous anonymous donor up to our goal of $50K -- meaning $100K for our grassroots work and care of our 200+ farm animal residents!  We truly rely on you, our wonderful supporters, to make our important work possible.  Now is a GREAT time to give!

Permaculture Classes
Start This Weekend

Permaculture?  What is that?  Permaculture is an ecological design system for sustainability in all aspects of human endeavor. It teaches us how build natural homes, grow our own food, restore diminished landscapes and ecosystems, catch rainwater, build communities and much more. Permaculture designs can be tweaked to work in equally well in both the city and rural areas.

We're very lucky to be working in conjunction with 3 trained permaculturists who will be designing from scratch a self-sustaining garden model that will help provide food for animals and humans alike, right here on the farm.  And you, too, can learn how to make and manage your own permaculture garden.

This Saturday, May 15th, will be the first planning meeting and there will be continuing classes all summer. The class will last a few hours and there is a modest suggested donation of $15.  >>more info

This month's contest: Felix the lamb investigated a cardboard tube just long enough to snap this! 
Felix/Caption Contest
Caption Contest Winner

Congrats to Donna LoBiondo, winner of last month's Caption Contest.  See April's winning entry here, and check out this month's contest here.
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At the heart of WFAS's mission is the hands-on work of rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for farm animal refugees - as well as educating the public about the horrific treatment of animals in modern-day animal agriculture and the many benefits of a plant-based diet. Thank you so much for your support!