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Woodstock Sanctuary Address
June Jamboree

Our Two-Day Festival Draws Hundreds in Damp Weather

Despite ominous skies, fans of the sanctuary came out Saturday and Sunday and enjoyed amazing food, music and quality one-on-one farm animal time. Even the cows were dancing (watch absurd video here).  Please see our event wrapup page for special thanks to all the food and beverage donors and our amazing volunteers. >See pix from the event

Cows Dance

Double Your Donation

Help us continue our life-saving work for farmed animals. Donate now to our
 $50,000 Matching Fund Drive

From now until the end of July, every donation made to WFAS will be doubled by an amazingly generous anonymous donor up to our goal of $50K -- meaning $100K for our grassroots work and care of our 200+ farm animal residents!  We truly rely on you, our wonderful supporters, to make our important work possible.  Now is a GREAT time to give!

CocoaV logo

Alfonso & BooneThe ultra-special, completely sublime chocolate parlor COCOA V (located in Manhattan, 9th Ave & 21st) has declared TUESDAYS IN JUNE "Vegan Romance" nights, and they are donating 15% of each Tuesday evening's proceeds in the month of June to benefit Woodstock Sanctuary! 

All organic and fair-trade, this cafe is a rare and exciting gem for any gourmand, vegan or otherwise, to experience!  And how can you resist, when such sweet indulgences will help us take care of the sweet, rescued cuties at WFAS? >>more info

Tail Docking Kit $49.95
New York State Residents: Your Help Urgently Needed to End the Cruel Practice of Tail Docking


Courtesy AWIC
Docked Tail
At dairy farms across the nation it's common to use the tool above to chop off a big part of a dairy cow's tail, so workers don't have to clean feces off udders as often. The wound is cauterized afterward with a hot iron. This is all done without anesthesia and, as an extension of the cow's spine, you can only imagine how painful it is.

If you live in NY State your voice is urgently needed to help farmed animals. Please contact your district representative today (lookup by zip code here) by phone or email to encourage him or her to support the Bill A09732 to ban the cruel practice of tail docking dairy cows. California passed similar legislation recently.

This bill will come up for a vote in the New York State Assembly Agriculture Committee tomorrow, Tuesday, June 15! Representatives from factory farms are fighting hard to prevent this bill from ever passing the committee, so the cows desperately need you to invest just a few minutes of your time RIGHT NOWS to prevent unnecessary mutilation.

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At the heart of WFAS's mission is the hands-on work of rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for farm animal refugees - as well as educating the public about the horrific treatment of animals in modern-day animal agriculture and the many benefits of a plant-based diet. Thank you so much for your support!

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