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Matching Fund Drive
Matching Fund"2K a Day!"
We're so close to meeting our maximum matching gift potential by the end of July, but we need to raise $2,000 a day every day to get there...

From now until the end of July every donation made to WFAS will be doubled, up to our goal of $100,000!  Many, many thanks to the anonymous donor who is providing the matching funds.

That means up to $200,000 for our educational work and care of our 200+ farm animal residents! 
This will make a serious dent in our half-a-million dollar a year operating budget.

So now is a GREAT time to give anything you can afford!

California Bill Helps Egg Laying Hens
Chrissie Hynde w/goats
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger just signed a bill that "terminated" the sale of whole eggs from hens who are unable to stand up, lie down, turn around, or spread their wings. Once it takes full effect, the bill forces egg companies to provide more living space than the shockingly cramped battery cages currently in use, as well as being an incentive to take better care of their birds.

These chickens will still likely be debeaked, deprived of outdoor access, and slaughtered very young but this bill takes a step in the right direction and strengthens a similar bill, already passed in CA, that phases out some of the cruelest confinement systems used in factory farming.
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Make Money While You Sit On Your Money-Maker.  GoodshopOn Tuesday July 20th we are honored to be Goodsearch's featured Charity of the Day. Goodsearch and Goodshop are two ways to make cash for the Sanctuary -- 365 days a year -- while simply searching the web or buying stuff online. So far over $1300 has been raised.  Download the Goodsearch Toolbar to make it easy, or just go to Goodsearch.com to try it out. You don't even need a pulse, it's THAT easy!

Blossom LogoAll that clicking can really work up an appetite, so on July 20 NYC's Blossom Restaurant in Chelsea is donating a chunk of the check to us, so make extra bux for the farm by dining there, and then...

Join the Wolf PackAlso on July 20 it's a Sister Smackdown with singers Whitney and Lindsay Wolf performing at Rock It Out For Farm Animals II.
Lindsay and Whitney
This followup to the wildly successful benefit concert a few months ago is a wallet-friendly $12 and will be held at the hip Joe's Pub at the Public Theater in NYC (minimum charges apply for tables). Director Jenny Brown will be there to meet, greet and lay a few truth bombs on the peeps.

Upcoming Events

July 24 & 25 - Come find our table at the Rosendale Street Festival and we'll pick out the roasted corn from our teeth together!

August 8 - All-You-Can-Eat Vegan Ice Cream Social in New Haven, CT with proceeds benefiting you-know-who.

August 10 - Another Eat-at-Blossom Benefit for WFAS, this time at Cafe Blossom on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

August 21 - The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl's new band play at the Sanctuary. Stay tuned to our site for ticket announcements.
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Purchase any of Arbonne's Vegan Certified skin care products from this special link and not only will 100% of the proceeds be donated but the Arbonne consultant will personally match it -- coupled with our ongoing matching fund drive that will effectively QUADRUPLE the proceeds from your purchase! Your soon-to-be-healthy skin and the animals thank you!
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At the heart of WFAS's mission is the hands-on work of rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for farm animal refugees -- as well as educating the public about the horrific treatment of animals in modern-day animal agriculture, and the many benefits of a vegetable-based diet.

Thank you so much for your support!