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Geese Deprived of Swimming Water
for a Decade Now Living Happy (and Wet) at WFAS!
Denise in her mud-pit

When found, these two female geese lived with hundreds of chickens in a small, filthy, overcrowded coop and tiny yard on a meat and dairy farm in Upstate NY. A caring woman who worked at the farm inquired about them and was told that they had been dumped there over 10 years ago. Since then, they'd been cooped up with the chickens with no access to a body of water.  Ducks and geese need water to bathe and swim, this is necessary to keep them both happy and healthy.  >>READ THE HAPPY ENDING

ThanksLiving Tix on Sale
Sean Lennon inspired by his visit to WFAS!

Sean Lennon and Fern. Photo: Deborah Degraffenreid
Sean and Fern
Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl
performed a concert benefit for WFAS on August 21st as The GOASTT (The Ghost of A Saber Tooth Tiger) and they were AMAZING! Thanks to them, Amy Helm, Jonathan Donahue, Juju Stulbach & Chris Root (Undersea Poem) for lending their musical talents on behalf of the animals!

See photosAfter the show, Sean wrote to Jenny saying
"I can't thank you enough for allowing us to play at your sanctuary. It was really one of the most pleasant experiences I've ever had 'on the road,' and I've had a few, believe me.... your sanctuary has made us wonder about how we can become better model citizens for animal rights."

Moby Plays Woodstock
September 25th at the Farm!

As part of our Summer Concert Series, we've had Chrissie Hynde, Sean Lennon... and now pop icon Moby will be performing live here at the farm!

Opening for Moby will be his frequent female vocalist who is now a solo artist in her own right, Kelli Scarr. Also playing will be Mercury Rev Clear Light Ensemble, featuring members of Mercury Rev and visual treats.
The concert will be held on an open lawn at the Sanctuary and advance tickets (highly recommended) are $30 online. Or attend our MOGO conference (see below) and get your MOBY tickets at half-price!

 MoGo Workshop
With a world steeped in materialism, environmental destruction, industrialized animal abuse, and injustice, what can one individual possibly do to change it?

IHE logoTo help answer that question and help you empower yourself, Zoe Weil, Co-founder and President of the
Zoe Weil
Zoe Weil
Institute for Humane Education, will facilitate our day-long MOGO Workshop here at the farm.

The MOGO Workshop is for people who want to do the MOst GOod and least harm for themselves, other people, animals, and the environment. MOGO workshops are recommended for anyone who wishes to learn how to make their lives a manifestation of their greatest vision for the world. Plus, MOGO attendees can buy tickets for that evening's performance by MOBY at half-price!
Mo to do
Mo to see
Mo to learn
At MOGO with MOBY!
Battery Cage Hens
Salmonella Egg Recall Shines Light on Chicken Misery


"As a result of all the media coverage surrounding the recall -- from Diane Sawyer to Amy Goodman to multiple stories in the New York Times to CNN's Jane Velez-Mitchell -- countless Americans have been shocked to discover just how hideously chickens are treated in this country." >Read More
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