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Woodstock Sanctuary Address
Chicken Rescue
Rescue of 93 Birds
Kapparot is a ceremony practiced by some Jewish communities in the days leading up to Yom Kippur. A live chicken is held above the practitioner's head and swung three times in a symbolic gesture of transferring the sins of the human to the bird. Then the chicken is often slaughtered right there on the street and is supposed to be given to the poor.

See PhotosParticipants hold the chickens by their fragile wings, painfully pinned together behind their back. The chickens often scream in terror and pain as their tiny bones snap. >>Read more about the ritual and modern alternatives

WFAS was on the scene in Brooklyn, NY, with a rescue van for any chickens who escaped and to accept those that might be handed over after use in the ceremony. >>See the full story and pictures
Tracy Bonham
Bonham Helps Bovines

Our great pal, supporter and Grammy-nominated musician Tracy Bonham has made a Pledge Music page to promote her amazing new album "Masts of Manhatta" and raise money for WFAS! PledgeMusic provides fans and artists the opportunity to work together to make new records and raise money for charity. Check it out and make a pledge!
ThanksLiving Tix on Sale
It's that time of year.  The leaves are changing, there's a crispness to the evening air, and we're going crazy getting ready for our biggest, swankest, most talked-about event of the year: THANKSLIVING

See PixOur fifth annual banquet is set to land on Sunday, 10/10/10, and features an amazing MENU, guest speaker Bruce Friedrich of PETA, emcee Dan Piraro, and music by eclectic rockers His Name is Alive.  It sells out every year so get your tix now!

Get Mo Better with MoGo and Moby
This Saturday at the Farm!

Two events in one day -- come for one or both!  It starts with our acclaimed workshop called MoGo, short for "Most Good."  A project of the Institute for Humane Education, this intensive daylong session will be facilitated by IHE's president Zoe Weil.

Then late in the afternoon pop icon Moby will be performing live here at the farm as part of our Summer Concert fund-raising series! Opening for Moby will be his frequent female vocalist who is now a solo artist in her own right, Kelli Scarr. Also playing will be Mercury Rev Clear Light Ensemble, featuring members of Mercury Rev and visual treats. And MoGo participants can get into the Moby show for half-price!
 Blessing of the Animals

SUNDAY OCT 3: Imagine the Burning Man festival crossed with a Native American ritual, add in a puppet show, drum circle and a bonfire - you and your beloved animal friend(s) here together--and then dozens of other companion animals like dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, rodents - plus over 200 rescued farm animals - and you have our 2010 BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS!

This is the one day we set up the farm to welcome well-behaved companion animals like dogs and cats (on leashes or in carriers). The noted environmentalist and wild wolf activist Elke Duerr will officiate the ceremony.

Peter and the WolfAs a special treat this year we're thrilled that the Redwing Blackbird Theater will perform their alternative version of the traditional PETER AND THE WOLF tale. And the Ulster County SPCA will be there too, with an adoption info table. >>FULL DETAILS
Our Hen House
Director Jenny Brown Interviewed on "Our Hen House" Podcast
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