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of a Turkey this Thanksgiving
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Each year in the U.S., approximately 250 million turkeys endure lives filled with frustration and suffering. A brand new undercover video expose by HSUS looks inside the walls of the nation's largest turkery hatchery -- a place so big that 50% of the whole turkeys sold in America were born there.

What was documented is but a mere glimpse into the misery these gentle animals must endure.

Please, let's start caring how animals are treated. Watch the video expose and ask yourself if you are OK with supporting that kind of cruelty. We bet you won't be.

If you want to avoid being a part of this, it's easy. Check out our recipe page for scrumptous suggestions or simply use your handy search engine to discover one of a zillion veg-friendly thanksgiving sites, even The New York Times is reporting on it.

Also don't forget that SPONSORING A TURKEY is a great way to help animals, and can be given as a fantastic holiday gift, too.
Inhumanity For the Sake of Humanity: Heifer International & Oxfam
Livestock Gift Charities
Do Not Help Poor Nations

As the holiday season ramps up and the year comes to a close, many of us are besieged with pamphlets and emails from organizations that provide farm animals to people in impoverished areas, the idea being to bring "income and nutrition" to these communities. Many well-intentioned people are enticed by the celebrity endorsements and pictures of happy farm animals with big red bows around their necks.

Aside from issues involving the treatment of the animals, what's not explained is that the water and land needs of livestock in areas that are often short on both quickly outweigh the benefits -- instead it increases human dependence on an unsustainable food-system that depletes the environment and does not fulfill all of a community's real nutritional or long-term survival needs. >Read more

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1000 Pigs Starve To Death in Horrifying Abandonment Case

Scared pig
According to Examiner.com, Humane Society Officer Dennis Bumbaugh opened barn doors at a Fulton County, PA, farm and was horrified to find between 950 and 1000 decomposing dead pigs: Abandoned months ago, the animals were locked in the barns with no food or water and left to die horrible deaths. Bumbaugh found evidence of animals trying to escape; a few were found dead outside. There was also evidence of six dead calves. "It was a horrible situation. They struggled and fought to get out," stated Bumbaugh who stated this was the largest case of  animal cruelty and neglect in Pennsylvania history.

The farm is owned by Daniel and Kerron Clark, and according to acquaintances and associates, the couple had been separated. Daniel Clark allegedly abandoned the farm in August and told no one of the animals left to suffer and starve.

We can't imagine the suffering these animals endured. Starvation is a slow and painful death. We hope the owners get more than a slap on the wrist. Please send a short message to Fulton County District Attorney Travis Kendall, urging him to criminally prosecute anyone found to be responsible for this tragedy.  Pennsylvania animal cruelty laws prohibits "depriving any animal of necessary sustenance." 
Ninety-five book cover
Why is the title of this beautifully moving book "Ninety-Five?"  That's the estimated number of animals saved by one person that goes vegan each year. No Voice Unheard, the publisher of the book, has joined with Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary to get the faces and stories of these incredible beings in front of as many people as possible.  They have generously offered to send a free copy of the book to the first 50 people who donate $50 or more to the sanctuary via THIS SPECIAL LINK.
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