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Michael Ausiello is recognized by the entertainment community as the leading voice on consumer TV news. He has written for TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, and now, with his ever-growing fan base and more than 1 million Twitter followers, he has moved on as Founder and EditorBart Simpspn Blackboard-in-Chief of TVLine.com.

For 10 days only, more than 30 of Michael's most prized possessions of TV collectibles and rare promotional items hit the eBay auction block with 100% of the proceeds going to his favorite charity, WFAS! Check it out!
Batttery Cages
Important Ballot Initiative In Washington State

Washington State may be poised to join several other states in banning the most egregious form of confinement for arguably the most miserable animals on the planet -- egg laying hens. About six million egg-laying hens in Washington are crammed into cages so small, they can barely move an inch for virtually their whole lives.

This proposed ballot measure simply ensures that these animals have enough room to stretch their wings. It's insane that this would even be up for debate, but the egg industry makes bigger profits with higher egg yields and that means cramming more hens into each cage.

At WFAS we advocate for empty cages, not bigger cages. But until the world sees farm animals as more than "units of production," alleviating their suffering in any way possible is better than waiting for the world to stop consuming eggs. Read more about this ballot initiative and please tell your Washington State friends. They need volunteers to gather signatures.
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Pig Family Gets a 2nd Chance

BigPoppaHis loving caretaker had died and the farmer who was temporarily holding Big Poppa and his siblings wanted them gone. But Big Poppa couldn't be moved because of his difficulty walking, caused by improper care. The vet said, "Put him down." The farmer said, "I'll just shoot him." But we said, "Hang on, we'll help!" and ran to his aide in Vermont. >Read more


Duckie Valentine
Valentine Sponsorships
for your Sweetpea
Instead of chocolate, instead of perfume, why not give your Valentine the gift of compassion by sponsoring a rescued animal. We're offering this at a special one-time $50 for the whole year: we'll send an e-card with your custom message on Feb 14th. CLICK TO ORDER.
MIke & Wendy Good Eggs
GOOD EGGS: Mike & Wendy

Mike & Wendy Stura are two superstar volunteers who come up every weekend religiously! This dynamic duo started volunteering in the spring of 2010 and have quickly become some of our most active helpers.  After one visit to the farm, they both went vegan and have never looked back. >Read More
New Board Member Eva Orlowski

Eva has been a long-time volunteer down in NYC but in the past year she really stepped up and got involved in our work. Almost every event over the past year has seen Eva as the Event Coordinator, a tough job which she mastered with skill and level-headed coolness. >More
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