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Party like an Animal for the Holidays!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Are you looking for some inspiration for your holiday celebrations?

Seth and Jack IMG_7465Throw a Party like an Animal holiday event to benefit Woodstock Sanctuary! All you need to do is ask your guests to make donations. Beyond that, we urge you to get creative!

While we appreciate low-tech parties (heck, we live on a farm!), we recommend doing email invites and collecting donations through Echo Age. That way we can make sure that all of your guests get a proper thank you letter from us for their gift. At Echo Age, all you have to do is select an invite design, pick us as the charity, enter event details, and put in the emails of your invitees. PLUS, people can make a donation even if they can’t attend the party.

We are so excited to celebrate with you as well! Please tweet or instagram photos of your party – and any vegan dishes you are serving — to #PartyforWoodstock or email them to Rachel and she will share select ones on our social media platforms. We are going to be running a facebook contest to determine the best looking holiday dish.

leghorn hen IMG_4144

And you can win some swag!

Each host whose party raises over $500 will get a fabulous Woodstock Sanctuary t-shirt. The winner of the facebook holiday dish contest will win a Woodstock 2015 calendar. The host who raises the most money will win a VIP tour and dinner with our Founders, Jenny and Doug.

There you go, party people! Party like a (rescued farmed) animal, raise money to save lives, eat great vegan food, and earn notoriety for having the most fun party photos. What’s not to love?

#PartyforWoodstock parties can happen between November 20th and January 1st. In January, we will send out the thank you gifts, tax letters, and let you know who raised the most money and had the most popular holiday dish.

Upon request, we can send you brochures for your guests so they can see where their kind gifts are going. Please give us at least two weeks advanced notice to get them to you.

If you have any questions — or you are going low-tech and want info about how to send in your donations — email Rachel.


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