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Pig Abuse Caught on Tape…AGAIN

Friday, February 24, 2012

Our good friends at Compassion Over Killing embedded an undercover activist at an Iowa breeding factory farm and caught egregious forms of abuse that are common, everyday activities for pigs there.  Even the most jaded person will be shocked by the content of the video, including the practice of “feedback” — where afterbirth and the intestines of dead piglets are ground up and fed to sows to inoculate her against sickness. In an amazing bit of spin, the National Pork Board declared that “the practices shown in the video are not abusive.”  Check out the video below and you be the judge (not suitable for children). 

And keep in mind that lots of states have industry-backed “ag gag” bills aimed at shutting down whistle-blowing exposés documenting the cruel and abusive conditions for animals and making such undercover investigations illegal.  Attempts were made to pass such bills in four states in 2011 that all failed due to the obvious constitutional issues. But they’re back in 2012 — so far Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, and New York all have returned with new bills this year, and Indiana and Nebraska have joined the list, introducing similar bills.

COK Video


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