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Humane Education Visits

A visiting group meets Dylan the steer.

Humane Education visits are now available for school, club and community groups!

Woodstock Sanctuary envisions a peaceful world rooted in respect and justice for all living beings. Our work in humane education is part of realizing that vision!

Exploring ways we can align our values with our choices, the highly interactive Humane Education Program gives participants a rare chance to meet and connect with farmed animals. We share data-driven information about animal agriculture and stories about the animals residing at the Sanctuary to create a new lens for critical and compassionate thinking. Woodstock Sanctuary is a grassroots advocacy organization and our programs are both candid and fun – and always age appropriate.

Group Size: 28 is generally the maximum, and for younger students, chaperones are required to assist our staff so that everyone stays safe.

Age Range: Programs are designed for ages 12 and above (7th grade and up)

Format and Cost: There are two program options that break down as follows:

Program 1

(4 Hours)

Program 2

(2 or 3 Hours)

 ComponentsIntroduction – 30 min.

Tour –  90 min.

Lunch break – 60 min.*

Classroom – 60 min.

Introduction – 30 min.

Tour – 90 min.

Lunch (optional) – 60 min.*



* There is a cost for lunch when provided by the Sanctuary.


Scheduling: Two weeks’ advanced notice is required. We are primarily booking group visits on Mondays. 

Please fill out the form below, and allow 2 – 5 business days for a response. If something in the description doesn’t suit your needs, please note it on the form as there is some limited latitude for customizing your experience.

NOTE: Directions from Exit 18 for New Paltz may take you over Mountain Rest Road which passes under a bridge with an 11′ clearance. If you are arriving in a bus or other vehicle over 11′, consult a road map for an alternate route. Coming from the Thruway, consider taking Route 32 North into Rosendale, 213 West into High Falls.

If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the Volunteer Page for more information.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer lodging to group visitors at this time. Please visit our Overnight Accommodations page to learn about options near the Sanctuary.