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Dylan’s Champions (Planned Giving)

At Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, we consider sharing compassion with animals a heroic act to be remembered. Join Dylan’s Champions and leave a legacy of dedication to the lifelong care of rescued farmed animals. Dylan is one of Woodstock Sanctuary’s oldest steers and has been with us since he was just one week old. Rescued one day before auction, Dylan now enjoys the sun on his back and a life of ongoing care and attention. Dylan’s long life of peace is true testament to the work we do. Farmed animals are rarely allowed to grow old, and at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, we are honored to provide individual end of life care, including palliative and hospice.

Caring for Dylan throughout his life will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but he will always be cared for unconditionally. By writing Woodstock Sanctuary into your will or trust, you provide a transformational gift that allows the Sanctuary to commit to lifelong rescues like Dylan’s and the highest quality, most innovative care.

Dylan’s Champions may choose to donate portions of their estate to specific aspects of the Sanctuary’s work such as vetting, a breed specific rescue, infrastructure, or advocacy. They may also choose to donate funds to the general fund at Woodstock Sanctuary where a team of dedicated staff will use the funds to make the largest impact based on current needs.

Dylan will always be safe and loved. Your legacy will care for others just like him, for decades to come. For more information about Dylan’s Champions or to plan your gift, email Kirstie Kimball at

Gifts of stock and annuities can be sent to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary through TD Bank at: Acct #491331950, DTC- 0188.