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Rebecca’s Story

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Rebecca the hen is now safe at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Rebecca, now safe at the Sanctuary.

Rebecca was born in a dirty and hot hatchery where she never got to meet her mom. They kept her in a tiny, cramped space and she barely had room to stretch her wings. Her body ached and she never saw the sun…she was just surrounded by tens of thousands of other baby birds, all peeping for their mothers. Rebecca was going to be raised to be killed and eaten at just 6 weeks old but instead, she was purchased and sent to Brooklyn NY for the Kaporos rituals. The use of chickens as Kaporos is a custom practiced by certain Hasidic communities and has been criticized by some rabbis and scholars as cruel and unnecessary.

She was picked up roughly and flung into a crate with fifteen other terrified baby chickens. There were 60,000 of them – all destined for a week of torture and then death.

Thousands of baby chickens sit in crates on the side of busy streets.

But then, for the first time in her life, she was shown kindness and compassion. Rebecca was saved and taken to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

It is hot in NYC this week and Rebecca would be sitting in the sun, without water or cover. The crates are stacked so chickens have their feet caught and broken. Many of them are sick. All of them are suffering.

Rebecca is safe. She has a chance. She is still sick from the factory farm and the conditions she was raised in, but she is going to make it.

Follow the Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos to learn how to stop the use of chickens as Kaporos. Be a light in the darkness for these beloved birds.


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