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Recap: Saratoga Race Course Protest

Monday, July 24, 2017

On Saturday, July 22, during opening weekend of horseracing season in Saratoga Springs, NY, over 70 animal advocates including a half dozen activists from Woodstock Farm Sanctuary joined Horseracing Wrongs to protest the cruel and exploitative horseracing industry.

Activists held signs listing the names of all horses

who have died while racing or training at Saratoga Race Course, and held a silent vigil for the thousands of horses who die in this industry across the country each year.

We are grateful to organizers Patrick Battuello and Nicole Arciello of Horseracing Wrongs for including us in this powerful protest. Please visit their website to commit to an upcoming protest or learn more about this industry and how to get involved.

CBS 6 News of Albany covered the protest on Saturday – click below to see footage of our animal advocates and allies in action:


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