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Send a Mother’s Day E-Card

Wednesday, May 03, 2017


Celebrate Mothers and Love with Us! 

In October of 2015, we saved one mother pig, six soon-to-be mother goats, and one pregnant sheep named Freyja from a horrific abuse and neglect case. When we arrived at the scene, we could see the fear in their eyes — not only for their own lives, but for the lives of their babies.

Since we rescued them, these moms have gotten to enjoy motherhood in peace and their babies will only ever know love and kindness. Mothers are able to teach their young, comfort them, and even help to keep them out of trouble.

At Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, we are so happy to celebrate mothers who can stay with their babies forever…the way it should be. It’s such a rarity for farmed animals to grow up with their moms, so we’re so thankful to you for making that possible for our families at the Sanctuary.

On this Mother’s Day, honor your mother, mother-figure, or a mother of any species with a beautiful e-card of your choice! With your gift, we are able to keep families together and give rescued animals the lives they deserve.

One day, with your support and compassion, we will have a world where motherhood is celebrated for every mom.

Happy Mother’s Day from our family to yours!


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