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Thursday, May 05, 2016


Celebrate Mothers and Love with Us!  

Motherhood is heartbreaking in the world of farmed animals. Babies are usually separated from their moms right away to be killed or sold and families never get to grow up together. To be a mother animal on a farm is to live a life of pain and sorrow.

small-buttonHere at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, we are so happy to celebrate mothers who can stay with their babies this year and forever. As a result of our rescue of animals from a backyard butcher in October, we have Momma and her five piglets, five goats and their eleven babies, and Freyja the sheep and her twin lambs. We rarely rescue pregnant mothers so this spring has just been amazing for us — and for all of our visitors and volunteers too!

With your gift in honor of your mother, mother-figure, or a mother of any species, we honor the mothers who are lovingly cared for here at the Sanctuary. And we honor and mourn for the mothers who cannot stay with their babies. And in thanks– we will send an e-card of your choice featuring some of our mothers and their babies to your gift recipient!

One day, with your support and compassion, we will make a world where motherhood is celebrated for every mom.

Happy Mother’s Day from our family to yours!


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