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Visiting Season Begins April 2

Sponsor an Animal

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Animal Sponsorships are an affordable way to help us cover the costs for each animal’s feed, shelter and care. Click on an animal below and use your credit card to help cover the costs of caring for a rescued farm animal with 12 monthly payments. All transactions are secure. You’ll receive a beautiful color photo of the animal you are sponsoring along with their story and a little bit about their varied personalities in the mail.

Want to show your friends and family what a cool and innovative gift-giver you are? Give a gift of compassion, one that lasts all year and allows a farm animal in need to live his or her life in peace and comfort…

Sponsor Fern the Goat!

Sponsor Fern

…with a gift of an ANIMAL SPONSORSHIP the lucky (and now adoring) recipient of your uber-goodness will receive a beautiful, personalized photo card or eCard (your choice) of the animal who you select or we can select for you. You can also include a personalized note for us to customize your gift. Your credit card will be billed each month or you can pay for the whole year in advance. Please be sure to read our brief Frequently Asked Questions to resolve the most common confusions.

Click one of the species below:

happyturkey sponsordolly


Want to become one of our favorite people in the universe? Choose a SANCTUARY SEVEN Sponsorship for one or up to seven of your loved ones and win our hearts forever! A Sanctuary Seven Sponsorship is a monthly sponsorship of seven animals–one of every species here: a chicken (or rooster), a rabbit (or duck or goose), a turkey, a goat, a sheep, a pig and a cow! The total cost per month for the Sanctuary Seven is discounted to $149.

Please order the SANCTUARY SEVEN HERE, or call us to to purchase: 845-247-5700.

If you’d prefer to pay by check, please pay the year in advance (12 times the amount above) and specify which animal you are sponsoring. Also, send us an email with instructions on how you would like the gift card(s) sent — all to one person, each to different individuals, or just for yourself to enjoy! Please send checks to:

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
c/o Sponsorships
2 Rescue Road
High Falls, NY 12440


Can I name the animal?

Alas, no. Each of our animals already has a name, and it would disrespect them to change it.

If I’ve met an animal or seen him/her online can I choose the one I want to sponsor?

In most cases, yes. Just indicate your preference on the order form. However, doing so may delay the issuance of your card, as the photograph or text may not be formatted for sponsorships yet.

Am I the only sponsor of the animal I choose?

Often not. The animal sponsorships are symbolic, and the funds go into our general operating budget and are not earmarked to that specific animal (doing so would be next to impossible if you think about it — we can’t tell Ralphie not to eat Dylan’s hay!).

What’s the difference between a sponsorship and an adoption?

A sponsorship is a monthly gift; adoption is when you take the animal under your care for life. See our adoption page for more info.

So, no one wants to think of it but what happens if the animal is adopted out or passes away?

As a sanctuary we do sometimes adopt animals out to magnificent forever homes, which are carefully vetted and we follow up frequently. Doing so makes room for more animals in need. And of course sometimes animals may pass away unexpectedly. In general we issue sponsorships only for animals who are not elderly and not likely candidates for adoption. However, in the event of death or adoption we’ll make every effort to notify you as soon as possible, and give you the option of transferring your sponsorship to a different animal or ending it.

How long does it take to receive the sponsorship?

We strive to issue them within 10 days, but at peak times it may be longer. If you have a need for quicker service please let us know on the order form and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Can I sponsor for less than 1 year?

We ask for a minimum of a 12-month commitment. A lot of work and effort goes into our sponsorship program, and it is not feasible to offer shorter terms.

Interested in adopting an animal for life? If you’ve got adequate shelter and meet our strict criteria, you could take an amazing rescued animal home! Please visit our adoption page.

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It is run entirely by donations from the public. Donations go directly to feed and care for the animals, as well as fund our advocacy efforts on behalf of farmed animals everywhere, and are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.