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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dear Woodstock Sanctuary Supporter,

Running a sanctuary for farmed animals comes with so many challenges on a daily basis that we sometimes get bogged down in the details and lose sight of the big picture. That’s why it feels like a beacon of light when we open an email like this:

You, your husband, and your whole staff (not to mention all of the beautiful creatures) have changed my life, forever and for the MUCH better. My fiancée and I have been going to WFAS for many years now. We both have switched to vegan and we couldn’t be happier. Truly. Again, I’ll say it; you, Doug and your staff have changed our lives forever.  —John Joseph Cina

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is a place of transformation for animals and visitors alike. As we close for the season and head toward 2014, we’re excited to share in this newsletter a taste of how your support has helped and touched so many lives this year. We welcomed 230 new animals, many with heartbreaking pasts of pain and despair.  Through our tours and educational programs, we are raising awareness about the reality of our food system.

It is undeniable that a new awareness of the inhumanity of factory farms and slaughterhouses is awakening Americans to the shadows of their diets.  A vegan lifestyle is fast becoming a real option for thousands of people who wouldn’t have considered it even a couple of years ago. 

Despite the strides we’ve made, farmed animals still desperately need your help today. Your donation helps us meet the growing costs of our life-saving shelter work and keeps our rescue, education and outreach efforts going strong.  We hope you’ll help us reach our goal to raise $125,000 this holiday season by making a generous gift today.

It’s caring individuals like yourself who fuel our efforts, and for that we are profoundly grateful. Together we can inspire change for the animals most invisible in our society. 

Jenny Brown and Doug Abel, Co-Founders



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