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Tell the FDA To Say NO to Genetically Engineered Salmon

Monday, April 08, 2013

For the sake of our health, the environment and these sentient animals, please submit comments to FDA regarding their desire to approve geneetically-engineered (“GE”) fish for human consumption, which will very likely open the door to further GE animals used for meat and milk going forward.  GE salmon approval would be a slippery and dangerous slope.

stop_gmo_salmonThe Food and Drug Administration is set to approve the first genetically engineered farm animal, a salmon who grows at twice the rate of wild salmon, in a bizarre and grossly inadequate process that fails to fully consider the implications for human health and the environment — and ignores the welfare of the animals themselves.

Click here to find out more about the health, environmental, and animal welfare problems of AquAdvantage salmon.

Then, please click here to submit comments (where it asks for “organization name,” write “citizen”; for “category,” select “individual consumer”; and you can leave “submitter’s representative” blank).

OR – write directly to your congressional representative who you can find here:

 Sample Comments (suggested from Farm Sanctuary Action Alert):  Please copy and paste, or put into your own words:

“Re: FDA-2011-N-0899: I am writing to ask that the FDA prepare a full environmental impact statement (EIS) regarding AquaBounty’s request for approval of genetically modified salmon. I do not believe that the review process to date has been nearly thorough enough, and I feel strongly that a full scientific examination should be performed; this examination should include a more thorough review of the health implications of genetically engineered fish consumption and the environmental and animal welfare impact of approval, all accounting for the project’s planned expansion.

Like many in the health community, I don’t believe the health review has been even close to exhaustive. Like many in the environmental community, I worry that approval of AquaBounty’s fish could lead to further, more expedited approvals for expansion and that this process could lead to extinction of Atlantic salmon. And, like many in the animal protection community, I worry about this process for the fish involved and for future genetically engineered farm animals who are approved secretly, in accordance with the usual NADA process.”



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