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Thankful for Antoinette

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and while this holiday is filled with gratitude and happiness, it is a day of violence and loss for 46 million turkeys. But this Thanksgiving, you can celebrate peace and compassion by sponsoring a turkey friend at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

For the month of November, sponsor a turkey for only $50 and receive a beautiful sponsorship package – a card, photo, and story of your rescued turkey. Be an effective advocate by introducing your family and friends to one of our friendly turkeys who has a name, unique personality, and lives a happy life, like our friend Antoinette.

At just a few weeks old, Antoinette was found near a live-kill market in New York City, a type of market where people go to pick out a live turkey among the hundreds of other young, terrified birds and rabbits trapped in small crates. He or she is then killed on-site while the others await the same horrible fate.

At Woodstock Sanctuary, Antoinette is safe and free to be her friendly, affectionate self. She is very sociable and will come right up to sit on your lap and cuddle. Many visitors are blown away by her cheery personality and come to realize that, though she has feathers instead of fur, she is just like the dogs and cats who we love and care for. She is a beautiful individual deserving of life and happiness.

Antoinette is an inspiring ambassador who moves people to view animals as friends, not food.

Introduce Antoinette to your family and friends this Thanksgiving by sponsoring her for only $50. It is a great (and affordable!) way to help us cover the costs of caring for turkeys in need while raising awareness of their plight on this holiday.

This holiday season, let’s give turkeys something to be thankful for by leaving them, and all animals, off our plates. We encourage everyone to celebrate ThanksLiving with us – in reverence and gratitude for all life.

From all of the animals and people here at Woodstock Sanctuary, thank you for caring!

(Photo by Tamara Lackey)


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