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Maribeth’s story – rescued just a day before slaughter

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Maribeth the Calf

LATE JULY UPDATE: Maribeth was taken to Cornell Veterinary Hospital for her much-anticipated recheck since her last appointment. Tests show that the infection is no longer active and that bone regrowth is still a possibility. It is imperative that she remain on pen rest for another 6 weeks but gets 20 minutes a day of romping time around the farm. Check out this sweet video of her enjoying that time immensely.

[youtube width=500 height=282]Ojlt2kAkiEw[/youtube] 

ORIGINAL POST: We got a call from a concerned woman we’ll call “Patricia” about the fate of a 6-week old female calf at a dairy farm in Connecticut.  She wouldn’t stand up for the first week after her birth and something was clearly wrong with her back leg once she was seen standing and walking. After a month and a half of no improvement, the dairy farm was planning to send her to slaughter. The production of veal is not always limited to using the male calves of dairy cows — weak or unwanted females are killed this way too.

New_Calf_Arrival_watch_videoThe day before her life was to end, Patricia was able to talk the dairy farm owner into allowing her to go to an unspecified “farm” in NY. That very day we sent our Shelter Manager and a dedicated volunteer to anonymously pick her up.  Many hours later they returned with this little sweetie, who we named Maribeth after Maribeth Abrams, a vegan nutritionist and friend of WFAS who inspired Patricia to become vegan.

We took her to the vet and after x-rays and other tests they determined she has a blood-borne bacterial infection that has collected in one of her joints and eaten away at the bone.  She’ll be on heavy-duty antibiotics intravenously to fight the infection, and be kept in a pen to keep her activity low while she recovers.  She will remain at Cornell Veterinary Hospital until later this week. Her prognosis is guarded right now.

Our hopes and prayers are with Maribeth. We will keep you posted on updates regarding her progress.

Please make a donation now towards her critical yet expensive care. 




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