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The King Amendment is Looming!

Saturday, June 15, 2013
Steve KIng: No friend of animals

Steve KIng: No friend of animals

The 2013 Farm Bill passed the Senate this week without any amendments being approved, but there is still an opportunity for the so-called “King Amendment” to be passed in the House and then subsequently adopted.  IT IS URGENT THAT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE HEAR FROM YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (See below).

You might remember Congressman Steve King as one who defended dog-fighting, comparing it to as being similar to watching a boxing match.

In brief: The King amendment to the 2013 farm bill would bar states from imposing their own animal welfare standards on products brought in from other states — on eggs, meat and other ag products as well as food safety laws.**If any one state in the union tolerates the production or sale of a particular agricultural product, no matter how unethical or dangerous to the public interest, then the other 49 must do so as well.** This bill is outrageously unconstitutional but here it is and we have to say NO.

“This will put an end to, I think, the Humane Society of the United States—whom I refer to as the ‘vegan lobby’—trying to tell us how to take care of our livestock,” Congressman Steve King said.  “We put an end to it and then HSUS can find another way to turn us all into vegans.  In the end, they really want to take meat off our plate.” (Source: Brownfield Ag News)

King’s amendment is aimed at preventing farmers in other states from having to comply with measures such as California’s Prop 2 initiative that requires farms to provide more space to hens, hogs and other livestock.”


Contact your representative (lookup here) by phone or email.

Convey a short, polite message with this basic information (putting into your own words):

“Hi, my name is  __________________ and I live in _________. I’m calling to urge Congressman/woman _______ to vote NO on the King Amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill. It’s a dangerous, overreaching bill that has the power to take away states’ rights to protect the health and welfare of their citizens and animals. It is unconstitutional for Congress to force my state to accept GMO crops or overturn our animal welfare laws or deny us the right to label our food just because some other state has unethical or toxic agricultural practices. I don’t want this amendment or any rider or other amendment that would preempt states’ rights. Thank you.” 



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