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The Lucky Ducklings

Sunday, May 07, 2017

It’s spring and we have babies at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Ten little ducklings are in our Animal Hospital, getting the care and love they need after undergoing severe trauma at a hoarder’s house. 

We got a call from the Ulster County SPCA asking for our help regarding a duck hoarding and neglect case in Woodstock, NYWe’re so glad we were able to help…and we were only able to because we had just gotten the funds to rebuild and predator-proof our duck coops.

A group of full-grown ducks were being held in the backyard covered in filthThere were no coops, shelters, or access to water, so the ducks were completely exposed to the elements and predators…who knows how many had been attacked.

But it gets worse. Down in the dark, musty basement amidst the stench was a small wire cage with malnourished and dehydrated ducklings who were sprawled out on the crusty grated bottom...burning up under a large lamp with no way to escape the heat. Their only source of nourishment was an inadequate makeshift feeder with not nearly enough food and water for even one duckling.

But thankfully, they were rescued. 

When the ten ducklings first arrived at the Sanctuary, they were nervous and huddled close together as a group. But as they discovered clean food and water they broke out of their shells and started peeping with joy, splashing around and snuggling up to caregivers and each other.  

Watch as they take their first steps into their new home.

Based on the situation, these little guys were likely shipped from a hatchery at just a few days old to be raised for human consumption. But now theyre safe at the Sanctuary and are finally getting the care and nutrition that they need. They are named after characters in children’s books that teach empathy to animals. Say hello to Winnie, Eeyore, Tigger, Roo, Kanga, Charlotte, Wilbur, Templeton, Ferdinand, and Horton! 

We could only rescue them because of you. These sweet ducklings are truly fortunate to have supporters like you to care for them, and for that we are calling them the Lucky Ducklings. We would be so grateful if you could help once more by making a gift for the Lucky Ducklings to cover the costs of their care.

Welcome, Lucky Ducklings. We are going to take care of you for the rest of your lives. We already love you.


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