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Timmy and Tommy the Turks

Thursday, July 08, 2010

photo: Derek Goodwin

Timmy and Tommy are two very handsome (and they know it!), young and super-friendly Heritage Bronze turkeys who need a home. Mail-ordered from a hatchery, the Two T’s were raised and then allowed to roam a busy residential neighborhood, occasionally dodging cars and a hunter who told other residents he planned to use them as bow and arrow target practice.

As it happens, our faithful bookkeeper Scott Hertzog and his wife Gina live not to far away and took custody of these boys so they’d be out of harm’s way.  And now they’re much better off and get to roam safely within the pastures of WFAS. These 2 very social birds are looking for the perfect permanent home as we have found they don’t get along very well with our other, older turkeys. Want to adopt them?  Contact us!


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