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Message from the Board of Directors

Friday, April 15, 2016

In its 12th year, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is going through an exciting period of expansion. 2015 saw us move to a new sanctuary site six-times the size of the original Woodstock property, and it was also a record-breaking year for farmed animal rescues. 2016 finds us revving up for a future where we reach more people than ever before through our vegan outreach programs, advocacy, and onsite tours and events. 

As Woodstock Sanctuary rises to higher levels of influence and impact within the movement, we adapt to accommodate our growth while continuing the strong leadership and traditions that define this special organization. With that in mind, we have some exciting staffing announcements. Our Co-Founders, Jenny Brown and Doug Abel, having so effectively grown the sanctuary, will be able to focus more on the big picture, working closely with our Board of Directors on our long-term strategic planning and broader vision. Jenny will serve as President and Co-Founder and Doug as Co-Founder and Creative Director. (Jenny’s new role will commence after a well-deserved leave of absence.)  

Woodstock Sanctuary Operations Director, Jeff Lydon, is now our Interim Executive Director. Jeff has 20 years of senior management experience, which includes serving as the Executive Director of Farm Sanctuary and VegFund.   

Heading into a bold new phase, we are so grateful to our friends and supporters, and look forward to continuing to work with all of you to save lives and promote veganism through transformative compassion on a bigger stage. 


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