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Valentine Piglets

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Valentine’s weekend was made VERY special by the arrival of four six-week-old baby piggies!

Nemo, Eva, Pinky and Wally are alive today because a wildlife rehabilitator chose to act with her heart.

A man in western New York purchased 4 young pigs from an Amish farmer to raise for slaughter. He kept the pigs in a small, unheated garage, and one morning discovered that one of the pigs had given birth during the night. Twelve tiny piglets lay next to their mother, wet and covered with excrement. Eight were already dead and four others lay shivering and barely alive.

photosThe Rehabilitator, Shanon Rumbugh, received the call on New Year’s Eve and she rushed the piglets home. She tirelessly nursed them back to health-but it wasn’t an easy road. Once they were stable, the original owners had the gall to ask for them back to raise for slaughter along with the others.

Now safe and healthy at WFAS, Nemo, Eva, Pinky and Wally are in need of both sponsors and homes!

We would love to adopt these sweeties out all together to a loving, permanent home where they will be treated as beloved companions but we would be willing to adopt them out in pairs as well. If you would like to help us cover our costs with a donation or if you are interested in adopting them, please donate or contact us!


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