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Vegan to Conquer Empire State Building

Monday, February 06, 2012

Jim mericlessly mocks the 1,576 steps

This Wednesday, Feb. 8, one of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary’s volunteers, Jim Porcaro, is competing in NYC’s Annual Race to the Top of the Empire State Building with mission to advocate for veganism and raise $$ for WFAS.

Jim has run several marathons, too, always generously raising funds to help his furred and feathered friends.  He gets a kick out of illustrating to the skeptical omnivore that vegans can accomplish absolutely any physical or mental feat you can throw at them.

Please go here to support his run/climb up the 86 flights (1,576 steps).

UPDATE: Jim completed his schlep up the entire building in less than 20 minutes — 19:26 to be exact!  He’s keeping his fundraising page up for a limited time to meet his goal.


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