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From the West


From Rochester/Syracuse/Utica:

Take 90 East to 87 South to exit 20, turn left off the exit, go one block and turn right onto 212, then follow 212 for 15 minutes or so until you hit downtown Woodstock, then skip to STEPĀ 4 below.

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From Binghamton: take 17/86 East to exit 100. Follow 52 east for 20 miles, then Left onto 209 North for 27 miles, get off at the exit for Route 28.

2. Follow 28 west about 10 minutes and don’t drive faster than 50mph, there are a few speed traps. The exit for 375 / Woodstock is marked by a giant sign, impossible to miss. Take 375 to the end, just a few miles.

3. 375 ends at the intersection of 212. Take a left onto 212 (West) and voila, you’re in Woodstock.

4. In the center of downtown Woodstock there is a small green area with benches and a flagpole. Zero out your mileage counter there — you’ve got about 7 miles to go.

5. Continue on 212 West through town. Be mindful that about 2.5 miles along, in Bearsville, 212 takes a right turn while route 45 is straight. Make sure you stay on 212. Around dusk and at night watch for critters! The road is lousy with deer, beavers, squirrels, and hippies.

6. Follow 212 thru Shady and Lake Hill. After 4 or 5 winding miles you’ll see a sign for Willow. When you pass the white church you’re exactly 6/10 mile from Van Wagner Road. The sign for Van Wagner is small but it’s easy to spot because there is a Flagstone/Bluestone dealer and a car repair place at the intersection. Also there’s a big sign for the Willow Post Office. At night it’s easy to spot because it’s one of the few streetlamps. Turn right on Van Wagner and you’ll see a big field and barns on the left. The entrance is 35 Van Wagner, second driveway on the left.

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