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We can accommodate small school or community groups if prior arrangements have been made.  The town’s rules about what kinds of vehicles can come (and when) are regulated by a ridiculously complicated set of if/then statements.  It’s essential to confirm with us first before making any solid plans

School buses are limited to Tuesday – Fridays only during our Open Season (4/1 – 10/31).  During our Closed Season (11/1 – 3/30) school buses are allowed any day of the week.  Both cases require 3 weeks advance notice. 

Charter-style buses have been deemed too big to use in the neighborhood and are not permitted.  You will be turned around if you show up in one.  

Group visits on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays during Open and Closed Seasons are permitted to use vehicles 16 passengers (or smaller) only.  If you plan to come when we are open to the public, please make strong efforts to carpool since our parking space is very limited and it’s unfair to other visitors if you fill up our lot.

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