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Wilfred Escapes Brooklyn Slaughterhouse

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


On February 8, 2013 New York’s ABC and CBS news affiliates covered the story of a fugitive goat who was spotted running around Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn in the middle of the night. After hiding behind cars and darting from cops, the goat, now named Wilfred, was eventually caught by a hospital security guard who happened to be a former goat herder in West Africa.

Police officers spotted Wilfred on the busy Brooklyn thoroughfare around 1:30 a.m. The officers were pursuing the runaway and calling for backup when he veered into a parking lot across from a hospital. After an on-foot chase around the parking lot, the hospital’s security guard grabbed Wilfred by the horns and held him while police hog-tied the terrified four-legged escapee and put him into the back of a patrol car. Officers then drove him to Animal Care & Control in Manhattan. The tags in his ears indicate that he escaped from a neighborhood slaughterhouse.

Volunteer Mike Stura and his passenger, Winfred

Volunteer Mike Stura and his passenger, Wilfred

It was speculated that Wilfred would be returned to the slaughter facility, but Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary (WFAS) mobilized quickly! Our volunteer Mike Stura is well-experienced in transporting scared animals, and he was there at the crack of dawn to get Wilfred from the city’s shelter before anything could happen to him.  Once at WFAS, Wilfred received veterinary attention, a warm straw-bedded stall, and plenty of nourishing grain and hay. He is underweight and still skittish of humans, but has been slowly acclimating to his new home.  Based on the size of his horns he is estimated to be four years old.   READ MORE ABOUT GOATS USED FOR MEAT.

“He’ll never face a butcher’s block again” reports WFAS Director Jenny Brown. “Here he will receive the love and care that he deserves and will live out the rest of his life free and in peace with other goats — and around 200 other rescued farmed animals.”

Goat meat production is ramping up in the United States. It’s the most frequently consumed meat in the world, and American producers are unable to meet domestic demand. According to the USDA the number of goats slaughtered in the US has doubled every 10 years for the past three decades. The explosion of the goat meat market is attributed to a growing base of immigrants from countries where choosing your dinner while it (rather, he or she) is alive is considered common sense. New York City has the country’s highest concentration of live-animal markets, currently around 100 throughout the five boroughs.

Watch a YNN News piece about his first few days at WFAS:

Wilfred YNN Piece

Watch raw footage of his capture in Brooklyn:

[youtube width=500 height=282]SPivbK9A0kw[/youtube]


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