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Sanctuary Hosts Nationwide Vegan Camp

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Humane Educator Kate Skwire talks to YEA Campers about animals raised for food.

HIGH FALLS, N.Y. — Woodstock Farm Sanctuary welcomed the Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp, the country’s only overnight, vegan summer camp for teens, to its High Falls, N.Y. property for a week-long program focused around animal advocacy and other social justice issues.

The camp ran from July 17 to 24 and included more than 40 participants from 14 states across the country and Canada who want to make a difference in the world.

Bonding with goats at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Every summer, YEA Camp offers sessions throughout the country where campers build the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to become effective activists for change on issues they care about—from animal rights to poverty to racism and more. The setting at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary was so inspirational to previous participants that the camp created an animal advocacy-specific program to be held exclusively at the Sanctuary—now in its second year.

“The staff does an amazing job at educating the public on the treatment of farmed animals. They take great care of their animal residents and treat every one of them as an individual,” says YEA Camp

Founder and Executive Director Nora Kramer. “When they moved to the new property in High Falls and were able to accommodate a large group like ours, we knew it would be the perfect place for our campers to learn how to be better advocates for animals.”

Over the course of the week, participants learned the best ways to make a difference for animals through activism; received mentorship from experienced staff members; considered how animal-related issues relate to other social justice issues; and gained confidence to speak effectively in challenging situations. “YEA Campers defy the lazy teenager stereotype. They leave this program with skills like fundraising, campaign planning, and social media—skills they can actually go out and use to initiate social change,” Kramer states.


Campers get a lesson on turkeys.

Campers also spent every afternoon with Woodstock Farm Sanctuary’s Humane Educator Kate Skwire. “I’ll be taking the campers in with each individual species so they can really get to know the animals, hear their stories, and learn about the conditions they came from on factory farms,” she said. “It’s a great feeling knowing these teenagers have come to us for inspiration, for the tools they need to really make a difference. We’re helping educate the future animal advocates of the world right here at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.”

At the end of the week, campers created a post-camp action plan around the social justice issue of their choice and presented it to their families.

For more information about YEA Camp at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, contact Ashley Nester at (845) 247-5700 x113 or

About YEA Camp
Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp was founded in 2009 by long-time activist and educator Nora Kramer. The camp runs programs across the country every summer for teens ages 12 to 17 who are interested in developing the skills, confidence and support to take action on social justice causes they care about. For more information about YEA Camp contact Nora Kramer at (415) 710-7351 or, or visit their website at



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