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10 reasons Tony wants you to leave turkeys alone this Thanksgiving

Monday, November 21, 2016


1. Turkeys love affection, just like your dog or cat, and will even let out a sigh of content or “purr”! Amy is usually shy around humans, but stroke her beautiful, white feathers and she’ll fall asleep right next to you!

2. Turkeys are very social beings who form close friendships with one another. Dani and Slick are good friends and are often seen sunbathing and napping next to one another in the grass.

Dani & Slick

Dani & Slick

3. Turkeys on commercial farms undergo painful industry practices of de-toeing, beak trimming, and de-snooding. All highly-sensitive body parts on a turkey, all removed without anesthetic.


Beatrice carries the sad scars of severe de-beaking from the factory farm.

4. It’s easier than ever to enjoy a cruelty-free diet! There are so many delicious alternatives that keep animals off of your plate this holiday.

5. Turkeys have unique personalities. Like Marley, who’s the talkative one of the group and demands you pay her attention! Or Tomoko, who is the sassiest of the bunch and will gladly take a snack right out of your hand. And of course Tony, who likes to show off by displaying his feathers for all to see.

6. A vegan diet is good for the planet and good for your body.

7. Turkeys are highly-intelligent individuals. They have excellent vision and hearing, even though they have no external ears. Mother turkeys are also fiercely protective of their young and will even risk their lives to save their babies.

8. Turkeys love pumpkin pie, too.

9. 46 million turkeys are exploited, abused, and killed in the name of “giving thanks” every Thanksgiving. This holiday, celebrate life and give the turkeys something to be thankful for. Let’s leave them, and all animals, off our plates.

10. By sponsoring a rescued turkey this holiday, you are giving him or her a life of peace and happiness. You’ll help pay for the shelter and care a turkey like Slick or Tony needs for one year. Plus, your support helps sanctuaries like Woodstock save more lives and make a greater impact for animals in need.

Caregiver Gabriella spends time with Dani and Sophie

Caregiver Gabriella spends time with a very happy Dani and Sophie.




From Tony and the turkeys, staff, and all 350 animals at the Sanctuary—thank you for your continued support and Happy Thanks-Living!




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