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2015 Dietary Guidelines

Thursday, April 09, 2015

The USDA recently published the first print (draft) of the 2015 dietary guidelines.  They will officially be published in the fall.  The draft report highlights diet related health problems.  What does this mean?  These problems can be reduced by changing one’s diet.

The committee recommends more vegetables, nuts, whole grains, etc., and less red and processed meats, sugars and replacing animal fats with non-tropical vegetable oils and nuts.

The almost 600 page report also discusses the environmental impact of the average american diet.  We know the environmental impact of animal agriculture.  Land use, water use, and greenhouse gas emissions are all reduced in moving towards a plant-based diet.  It makes sense for the committee to point this out.  American’s relationship with food and the impact our food has on the environment is not sustainable.

Of course there is backlash.  The North American Meat Institute thinks the removal of lean meat is extreme and not scientifically supported.  We decided to help them by doing the research for them.  The Mayo Clinic and Harvard Health agree with the new proposed guidelines as well as many others.

We hope Americans take note.  Let’s make this move for everyone’s health.  Go vegan.  Olive agrees!  Go vegan for her!olive



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