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Help Us Build a New Pig Barn

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Pigs are the most expensive animal
to take care of here at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.  It’s a lifetime commitment when we rescue a pig – they need a lot of space, care, and special accommodations. Because of that, we are rarely able to save a new one, much less a family.

But we just had to say yes to five new pigs in June. And that’s because of Hurley. 

When we rescued Hurley the piglet, he was emaciated, badly sunburnt, covered in mange, and bloated from a horribly high parasite load. Despite our best efforts, he passed away in our care. He was just too neglected and too sick.

So, when we found out that his family was suffering as he had, we just had to step in and rescue them, despite our lack of space. 











We figured out a way to transform an old building, but this project is a big undertaking – we need to demolish the inside of the old building, rewire the space, replumb, resurface, repair the roof, set up a heating and cooling system, and fence in the pasture. We’re doing as much as we can in-house with our team to cut down on costs, but it’s still a massive and expensive project.

We still need to raise $44,000 to cover the cost of the building plus care for these pigs.

As a fellow animal lover, we knew you would have wanted us to do whatever it took to save Hurley’s family. Please consider making a gift today to help us build the new pig barn and provide care for this family and all our rescued farmed animals.

If you are able to give a larger gift and are interested in naming opportunities, please contact Chrissy for more details.

Thank you for your kindness and compassion to all animals. We couldn’t have saved Hurley’s family without you.


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