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Update on a Lucky Duckling

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Right now, Charlotte the duck is being rushed to Hurley Veterinary Hospital for an emergency surgery. Can you help us give Charlotte the urgent care she needs by contributing to our Emergency Veterinary Fund today?

Charlotte when rescued

Charlotte is a Jumbo Peking duck — a type of duck bred for food in the United States. And like all animals bred for food, Charlotte has been bred to grow very large — much beyond her natural size — leaving her vulnerable to devastating lifelong complications.

Charlotte’s legs were having a hard time supporting her large body and so her toe became severely infected. Sadly this is all too common, but sweet Charlotte wasn’t responding to antibiotics. We were left with only one option — Charlotte is having her toe amputated right now.

She will face weeks of recovery and individualized care, but with your support Charlotte can live a long happy life with her friends, the other Lucky Ducklings.

Please give whatever you can to our Emergency Veterinary Fund to provide critical care for rescued farmed animals. Any amount helps and truly makes a difference.

We are so grateful that the animals have you to lean on. Farmed animals are often forgotten, so thank you for caring.

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