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Abbe and Izze: Rescued Sheep

Friday, July 26, 2013

Izze (left) and Abbe explore the pasture

A farm in Vermont had a ram bust through a fence and impregnate several sheep, and the resulting offspring were to be immediately sold for meat.  Fortunately a kind man visiting the area heard about the situation and was able to intervene and save these two, who we named Abby and Izzy.

These lambs were terrified when they arrived and huddled together in their pen.  We gave some volunteers the enjoyable job of sitting in there with treats to get them acclimated to people.  After a day they started to show some trust and we got clearance from the vet to let them in with the rest of the flock, which was a popular decision with sheep both young and old!

 Welcome, Abbe and Izze!

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