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Where are you located?

We were founded in 2004 in Woodstock, NY, and as of 2015 we have moved to High Falls, NY, about 90 minutes outside of NYC.   See our visit page for directions.

What are vegans, and which planet are they from?

Vegans don’t eat any animal products at all — no milk, no eggs, no cheese. Most choose not to wear animal products like leather, wool or angora. They are mostly from Saturn and Pluto, and have plans for world domination sometime soon.

Why not? Those products don’t hurt the animals, right?

That’s 100% correct — if you believe the fairy tales that large corporations want you to believe. The fact of the matter is that milking cows and egg-laying hens in factory farms have it worst of all, far worse than the miserable but comparatively short lives of “meat” animals. Today’s factory farms are cloaked in fortress-like secrecy; just try getting permission to visit one.  That alone says it all.  Luckily the Internet is helping people learn and break through these barriers.  Learn morehere.

Gimme a break, it helps the cows to milk them.

Contrary to popular belief, cows don’t just produce milk for kicks. They are mammals, just like human ladies — they need to get knocked up before their bodies produce milk. In factory farms they are artificially inseminated to keep them constantly pregnant. And guess what happens at the end of the pregnancy? Little girl calves are kept to become future milkers. Little boy calves don’t have the ability to give any milk, and as dairy breeds they aren’t great for the meat industries either. So farmers came up with a really unpleasant way to raise a new kind of meat called veal. So please think about it — when you have a scoop of ice cream, somewhere out there is a veal calf that didn’t get to drink that milk. Learn more here.

OK, you got me on that milk thing, but you can’t tell me chickens don’t lay eggs on their own.

True, but in nature “layer” hens would not be crammed 8 to a cage or pen with less floor space than an area the size of a file drawer, unable to spread their wings or do anything chicken-like. Hens are run through a food-and-light deprivation process which forces extra laying cycles and increases profits. And like the male dairy calves, male chicks are so useless to the egg industry they are routinely killed at only a few days old.  Their female counterparts suffer longer but still, at the end of their “usefulness” to the egg industry when they can no longer produce to meet human demand, meet the same sad fate.  More info here.

Yikes, that really sucks. What do you do with the eggs at your farm?

They are collected daily and fed to the pigs (and doggies) as a protein supplement.

Speaking of pigs, how big are yours?

Our biggest pig is about 1100 pounds! Modern pig breeds are designed to hit the slaughter weight of 250 pounds in 6 months, and if allowed to live longer they will keep growing for a few years. We have them on a special diet to keep their weight down and we keep a careful eye on their hooves and legs.

Where do vegans get their protein?

Let us answer that question with another question: What is the medical term for the condition of adults who don’t eat enough protein?

Give up?

There is no such term. Aside from some very rare conditions that can affect infants or young children, if you are eating a varied diet and enough non-processed food to fill your belly then you’re most likely getting enough protein. You body has the ability to use protein from a wide variety of foods, not just the meat and dairy that Americans are obsessed with.

We’ve got a page set up with much more detailed information.  Check out theWhat We Eat section.

But kids can’t be raised vegan — I saw a news story about that.

Not true, but it is true that you would have to keep an eye on what your vegan kids eat. Learn more here.