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Albie’s New Wheels

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


albie2013legWhere there’s a will, there’s a way – or at least that’s what we’ve been hoping with Albie the goat, who lost his leg to infection in 2007. Early on we were able to successfully fit him with an artificial leg, but it had to be replaced yearly due to his growth [READ HIS EPIC STORY HERE].

As time went on it became increasing difficult to keep a prosthetic on him due to his amputation being above the knee. We tried harnesses, straps, different liners and just about everything you can think of to keep his leg on but alas, it would come off within minutes of walking.

So now we’re trying something altogether new–wheels!

Albie was fitted for a front support wheelchair made by the amazing folks at Eddie’s Wheels who worked with him at their shop in Shelburne, MA. On his second day of trying it out he was already much more confident in propelling himself forward in his new contraption and he seems pretty comfortable while in it. With some adjustments, determination and time we’re hoping that we may have found the solution that will allow Albie better mobility and comfort in his middle age and beyond.

DonateButton-JB-ApprovedYour support is vital to our work providing animals with the care they need – no matter the situation. Albie’s new wheel chair cost over $700 which is a small price to pay for a chance at a better life.

Please help us continue our life-saving work for animals by making a donation today, or consider sponsoring Albie!


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