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Archie the Pig’s Journey to Sanctuary

Friday, June 08, 2012

 It started as it usually does: with a phone call.

June, 2012: We received a call about a pig who was injured and trying to break into a fire station to seek shelter. Based on pictures of his injuries, it looked like he’d jumped off a moving truck.  The rest of his history is a mystery, although he is probably about 2 years old and not fixed, so it’s likely he was being kept around as a stud to impregnate females.  The local CBS affiliate picked up the story and, as luck would have it, we were notified. 

Now named Archie, he arrived on June 7th, 2012.  He’s an unusual-looking pig in that he’s solid black.  Big patches of hair are missing, and we’ll need to evaluate his skin to see why.  It was immediately apparent he was friendly with people; the true test was how well he’d get along with our herd of pigs.  We put him in his own pen so he could get acclimated; he immediately went to greet the other pigs through the fence and the reception has ranged from warm to freaked out.  After he is fixed and healed we expect the herd to work out any issues and for him to fit right in.  Welcome Archie!

You can SPONSOR ARCHIE for $30 a month, and all payments received before June 30th will be doubled by a generous matching donor!

Archie is missing large patches of hair — further tests will be needed to determine why.



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