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We know you are dedicated to helping animals. You won’t look away when an animal needs help and you are committed to giving them the peaceful and love-filled lives they deserve. That’s why we need you now more than ever.

When you become a member of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, you’re taking a powerful stand to help not only the 380 rescued animals at the Sanctuary like Dorothy Jo and George, but also the millions who are spared by our advocacy efforts.



Freyja the sheep, who is sadly no longer with us, was being raised for food by a backyard butcher. She was emaciated, matted, ridden with parasites, and clearly terrified with no trust for humans. And when we rescued her, she was pregnant with two little lambs.

Dorothy Jo and George were born at Woodstock Sanctuary two years ago and are living the lives they deserve. They are the best of friends — George is a total goofball and loves having the spotlight while Dorothy Jo is more reserved and reminds George to be polite!

Giving them the opportunity to thrive allows them to make friends, have preferences, and share their unique personalities with the world – basic freedoms that they would be denied if we hadn’t saved their mother. Your membership makes their freedom and lifelong care possible.

So please solidify your commitment to helping farmed animals and become a member today. They need you now and we know we can count on you.

Thank you for always being a friend to farmed animals. You are truly valued and appreciated. With membership, you and up to three passengers get free admission (and many other perks), so we hope to see you and three friends at the Sanctuary soon.